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Want Dewy, Glowy Skin? You Need a Derma Roller

3 min read

We feel you: the frustration of spending hefty chunks of your pay cheque on high-end skincare products that over-promise and under-deliver is real.

Sometimes they work to a degree, but we always seem to be left hanging
there – at that mediocre level of skin-glow acceptability. SO many expensive skincare products deliver B-grade results when we’re all really shooting for A's. What gives?

Well, if it’s dewy, glowy skin you’re after, the problem might not be so much in what you’re putting on your skin but in what you’re not doing for it.

When we slather on the good stuff (even if it really is the good stuff), the ingredients we’re hoping our skin will benefit from might not be reaching where it needs to. On top of it, a lot more goes into our skin than what we apply topically.

There are many incredible processes within our body that promote healing and vibrancy; they just need to be activated in the right way. All of this is where the derma roller comes in…


The derma roller gets healing nutrients to lower layers of skin – stat.

If we’re coating ourselves in toners, serums, and creams but not seeing results, it might be because our potions aren’t getting to where it matters. The tiny needles of the derma roller, however, can facilitate delivery of healing nutrients to deeper layers beneath the skin’s surface – because it’s down below where they’re most effective. So, when we apply high quality products after derma rolling, we’re going to get a lot more out of it. Because of this, it’s important to make sure you’re using clean products that you’re happy with absorbing when using the derma roller.

Derma rolling boosts collagen and elastin production.

Maximizing nutrient delivery is not the only way that derma rolling boosts the skin’s appearance. It’s a technique that boosts collagen production naturally – and collagen is what keeps our skin looking firm and smooth. Known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, collagen gives us a youthful glow that is naturally plump – without the fuss of fillers. Elastin, a natural factor in supple-looking skin, also increases when we get our roll on, contributing to a face that radiates.

The derma roller reduces the appearance of scars and signs of aging, unveiling our natural radiance.

Sometimes, our skin already glows, but it’s the presence of stubborn scars and signs of aging that keep us from recognizing and revelling in our true beauty. Through creating tiny micro-wounds, the derma roller stimulates the body’s natural healing response and in doing so, helps to reduce the appearance of scars and steadfast marks. As new growth is stimulated and collagen rushes to the surface, our complexion improves and signs of fine lines and scars diminish. The derma roller also helps to break down scar tissue, contributing to the natural healing process.

Glow From Within

Some extra tips for a supreme glow? Well, as incredible as this sleek tool is, we can boost the appearance of our skin even further by nourishing it from the inside out as well. Make hydration a priority (both topically and orally) and ensure that you’re getting plenty of healthy fats and essential fatty acids in your diet. Foods like wild salmon, walnuts, and avocados will help you to get your glow on from within.


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